About Barry Goss (“Bear”)

My overall mantra:

Courage over cowardice,

Leadership over submission,

Actions over words,

Living large over playing it small!


Part good-guy information-spymaster, part verbal-villain… I think I’m simply.. eh… simply confused. Kidding (mostly). 😉 

I’m Barry; a born-in-'69 entrepreneurial male (full-time online since  2005). I currently live somewhere west of Crater Lake, OR.

Not only am I the lead grizzly of the newsletter I call Bear's Bulletins, I’m a father, leader, coach, student of life, time-freedom advocate and all-around investor and explorer of wealth.

I brainstorm, explore, test and deliver personally useful tools, resources, and information that, hopefully, will help add value to the world. 🌍

I enjoy expanding perceptions in myself and others. Questioning reality, through critical-thinking, is a good start. Me having an igniting-affect on another soul — to accomplish great things with me — even cooler.