Know anybody in (or near) Lower Alabama, Panhandle of Florida?

Our City Tour: September 2024

In the spring of 1989, a few months after Guns N' Rose released Paradise City, I made the trek across the Florida panhandle. 

My end goal was simple:  To take a weekend to see where I-10, west-to-east from Pensacola, where I was stationed in the U.S. Navy, would take me. 

Well, of course, I knew I could only go so far during that 6-hour drive; eventually having to stop at the Atlantic Ocean. Duh!  It, however, was my brief time in another military town, Jacksonville, that...

Left an impression on me.

While Destin, with its white-sand beaches and emerald-green waters, was eye-catching; while Tallahassee, with its lush green spaces (including majestic oak-lined trees and serene parks), was majestic in vibe... 

It is still J-Ville that we (not just me) are enamored by. Sure, it is the largest U.S. city by landmass, spreading across seven counties. Great stat and all; however, It is mostly, we think, because we can have the best of both worlds:  

A relaxed beach vibe with forestry and a river integrated. Being only 2 hours to Savannah is appealing, too. There's more to it, of course, so... 

If you live there, you already know! 

And, in September 2024, Nic & I will be there for a week, so... well... we also know; truly know if JAX should be our now-to-grave homestead, so to speak.

We are in our early 50s. We're convinced that it is time for a "water community" we both can feel GREAT to come back to, once we start our Slow Travel lifestyle in about 5 years, and build great friendships in. 

Through a lot of research online, the San Marco neighborhood is appealing to us. But, then again, so is the Mandarin neighborhood. I'm sure there are many other choices to consider. 

Either way...

If you're up for having coffee ☕ or showing us around,
we're open to hearing more...

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